Saturday, December 29, 2007

Wedding Piece

This is a piece that someone asked me to stitch for them. This person used to be a stitcher and was going to stitch this for a niece. She then stopped stitching but had all the stuff for it. I stitched it up for her. Although, it is not a design I might have picked to stitch myself, it did turn out nicely. It is on a 10ct tula with Wildflowers and JABC buttons. I graphed the names and added them. The design is by Samsarah and it is called A Fresh Start.

Fair and Squares Sent and Received

Here is a picture of Heidi's Fair and Square pieces that she sent to me. The bird was perfect for me because I love to stitch birds..
And this is the set of squares I sent to Heidi. I wanted to stitch a winter theme and something cute. This is part of a SanMan Originals design.