Sunday, July 8, 2007

Bent Creek - The Big Zipper

I have started Bent Creek - The Big Zipper. I finally had the outside edge that is like a ribbon done and started just the straight border. I found out I had done something wrong and now have to frog out a quarter of the border. I am so frustrated I had to put it up for a while. This is how it looked before I put the rest of the border in that was wrong.


Dragonfyr said...

Vickie, I am working on this too......I started in the middle and worked all the straight parts in the center...then part of the ladder and worked out on the border from there......I have the lower corner done and am working on the tree right now and am slowly doing hte edges as I work up....after the tree comes more of the border then either the house or Trellis Gate


Sonya_b said...


I love this chart, is there any possibility for me to send mail?

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